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GOOD NEWS! All our RDI Certified Consultants use Telehealth/Video Conferencing. Meeting online or by phone is very effective for Relationship Development Intervention and something we have been doing for many years. We meet with parents, teens and adults to coach you in how to use your day to day interactions and activities to meet your […]

what is RDI therapy

What is RDI?

What is RDI? Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI) is a parent-led approach that focuses on developing the child’s dynamic thinking abilities so that they can cope with the unpredictability of the modern world. This powerful mental processing helps the child step away from the black and white thinking patterns usually seen in children with autism and […]

Living RDI

RDI is carried out in everyday activities rather than setting aside specific ‘therapy’ time.  It’s about how we do things, focusing on the process and connection, rather than the result or the skill. Your consultant can guide you so that what formerly might have been thought of as chores, routines and even leisure activities become […]