Prue Watson

Queensland – RDI® Program Certified Consultant

Registered Occupational Therapist

Relationship Development Intervention approach is aimed at giving parents the necessary understanding and tools to re-establish the guiding relationship for their child.

This foundation forms the basis for the development of reciprocal relationships and dynamic intelligence. My Occupational Therapy practice focuses on the assessment and management of Autistic Spectrum Disorders and the associated co-occurring conditions that can often be seen alongside this diagnosis. Occupational Therapy consultation and management is available for these associated conditions that may include a range of developmental, information processing, social, play, sensory, learning and behavioural difficulties. This may include children with differences in sensory processing, play deficits, social skills and interaction, problems in classroom learning and information processing, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – ADHD, difficulties with memory, organization and problem solving, coordination deficits, dyspraxia and developmental coordination disorder, fine motor skills and handwriting, children with encopresis and self care difficulties that may also be evident alongside the Autistic Spectrum Disorder – ASD. This allows for appropriate and effective Occupational Therapy strategies to be planned, implemented and embedded into the Relationship Development Intervention RDI program.

Relationship Development Intervention work is family-based and aims to provide families/parents with the knowledge and tools to remediate the impact of ASD for the person with autism in their family. The aim of remediation is to achieve the potential for a quality of life for the person with ASD and their families. Visits to schools and other community settings and agencies for consultations, management support and training is possible as required. Many of the families accessing my services are in regional rural or remote areas. Because the RDI model is based on the guiding of parents, this can be done via broadband technology and internet systems and allows for access for families to consult with me from wherever they are.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • RDI® Program Certified Consultant
  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy University of Queensland
  • Graduate Diploma Education University New England
  • Member of Connect and Relate for Autism Inc (CARFA)
  • Member of Occupational Therapy Australia
  • Safe and Sound Protocol listening program trained practitioner

Contact Details

Service Areas

  • Central Queensland
  • Metropolitan Queensland
  • Rural Queensland
  • Distance service throughout Australia via Telehealth

Provider for rebates from

  • NDIS – Agency Managed
  • NDIS – Self Managed
  • NDIS – Plan Managed
  • Medicare Better Access to Mental Health
  • Medicare HCWA funding package
  • Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan
  • Most Private Health Funds