An individualised Relationship Development Intervention Program can make a significant difference to families’ quality of life. You can help that happen!

We would love to be able to offer this cutting-edge program to many more Australians. RDI should be an option for every family who needs it, but RDI consultants are often at capacity with waiting lists.

As an RDI Consultant, you, too, will be passionate about what you do. Many of us have worked for many years as occupational therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists or special educators and felt there was something major missing. We wanted to work with the challenges of autism so that developmental foundations and dynamic thinking are promoted, rather than using a “band-aid” approach focused on isolated skill development.

Many parents who discover RDI wish they’d known of it sooner. Some decide to train as RDI consultants themselves as they want other families to benefit from it like they have. It is very satisfying to give parents the knowledge and confidence they need to help their child/teen/adult reach their potential.

It takes about 18 months to complete the training. As well as the online learning periods, there are 14 projects to complete while working with 2 families under supervision. You will need 4 or 5 hours a week on average to devote to your learning, projects and practice. There are 2 ½ hrs of online learning for 12 weeks to begin with, with about an hour’s homework each week. Then the projects are completed at your own pace. Much of the timing is therefore flexible so you can still be working at your regular job. There’s online training between 3 April – 26 June 2024. See below for details.

Lisa Palasti

Canadian Director of training

RDI® Program Certified Consultant Online Training – Part 1

With Lisa Palasti

3 April – 26 June 2024

Wednesdays 5:00 am – 7:30 am AET*

Please Note: Start time on 3 April is 6:00 am in some states due to daylight savings and time zone differences.

There are details about the content of the course below and links to the application form and contract. The contract provides gives details of the requirements and the cost in US$. We feel the cost is very reasonable as the hours of professional guidance provided and the large body of information available to you is significant. The training is provided online by RDI Connect with Canadian Director of training, Lisa Palasti. See Lisa’s details and more information and Facebook page.

Please contact to let us know of your interest in becoming an RDI® Program Consultant. You can also contact one of our consultants directly to arrange to chat with them by phone or online RDI Consultants Australia. You can choose one from your state or one who has a background of interest to you or that is similar to yours. They can answer your questions and tell you the nitty gritty of what it’s like to be an RDI Program Consultant in Australia.

We will support you on this journey and would love to have you join us.

The RDI® Consultant’s Role:

RDI® consultants are trained professionals who serve as a coach to parents in the following ways:

  • Providing education on developmental issues
  • Creating a systematic plan to implement goals and objectives for parent to learn how to be guides to their children
  • Guiding parents in how to promote mental growth with their child in everyday life
  • Encouraging parents to observe and analyse themselves, their child and the state of the guiding process
  • Teaching parents when and how to insert new cognitive challenges into activities
  • Monitoring progress

The Training Process

RDI® consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and are currently serving in 25 countries worldwide. The RDIconnect™ Consultant Training Program is a unique educational program available for adults with credentials in a broad range of professional backgrounds and specialty areas. The entire program includes the following steps:-

Professional Training Course Part I: This course provides online coursework that focuses on the theoretical foundations of our programs as they apply to neural development. It also covers Dynamic Intelligence, communication, early childhood development, autism aetiology and pathogenesis and myths vs. science. The following topics are covered through lecture, role play, analysis and discussion:-

  • Autism Pathogenesis
  • Dynamic Intelligence
  • Goals and Objectives of The Family Consultation Program
  • The RDI® Learning Community and peer support
  • General consulting principles
  • Productive client communication: maintaining boundaries, scheduling, developing responsibility contracts, sensitive clinical interviewing, avoiding the ‘instant expert’ trap
  • Guiding opportunities: choosing activities, role authenticity, mindful decision making
  • Creating assignments
  • Framing, scaffolding and productive support
  • Regulatory patterns
  • Relationship Development Assessment

Professional Supervision: During the supervision phase, trainees work with two families under the direct supervision of an RDI® Training Supervisor who guides and mentors them through 14 projects that take them through the practical elements of what was learned during the coursework.

Professional Training Course Part II: Advanced Seminar: This course expands on what was learnt in the first professional training course along with what was experienced during supervision. It also focuses on how to be successful as an RDI® consultant. Some of the content includes:

  • Dyads
  • Personal accountability
  • Difficult cases
  • Marketing your business
  • Advanced Family Consultation Program tools
  • Professional goals and planning
  • Ethics and Standards

Ready to begin your RDI Training?