Our Program

RDI maps a personalised journey where you can guide your child to embrace the world with enthusiasm

Establishing that connection with your child is the first step on your journey together, supported by RDI and your consultant.

A parent-based intervention

Empowering parents with the tools to effectively teach flexibility, experience sharing and motivation to their child.

About changing neurology

“The brain is dynamic, meaning that it is forever in a state of change” Daniel Siegel (1999). Research shows that the way that adults interact with children has the greatest influence on the child’s neural development.


The child with autism will have missed steps on the developmental path and so have not been able to connect with others at their age level. In some instances this may be at a level perhaps even before 12 months, when the autism emerged. RDI will help you work with your child at their level to foster their growth.


The program can be started simply and implemented seamlessly into regular day-to-day activities, thus enriching the life of the whole family.


A method that measures, and begins at, the edge of each person’s capability and then carefully but continuously raises the bar.

For a dynamic world

A program for people with ASD and related disorders to develop their ability to function successfully in a complex and ever-changing world.


A means of breaking the cycle for people who are overwhelmed by change and resort to avoidance behaviours.

About relationships

As the child develops a stronger sense of self, he’s able to establish and maintain relationships with an ever-widening number of people.

Thoroughly researched

The RDI Program is constantly evolving to reflect the latest research, particularly in autism. Dr Steven Gutstein, the founder of the RDI Program, continuously incorporates that research as well as the literature in child development. Thus we can confidently say that RDI is research-based best practice for autism.