Quality of life is a major goal of RDI

This means being able to share thoughts, feelings and emotions, delight in true friendships, have the excitement and comfort of relationships, partners, marriage & children, live independently and have the satisfaction and rewards of successful employment.

RDI maps a personalised journey where you can guide your child to embrace the world with enthusiasm

Establishing that connection with your child is the first step on your journey together, supported by RDI and your consultant.

Parent training and support

RDI reduces parents’ feelings of helplessness as they learn to guide their child through an ‘apprenticeship in thinking’. The child learns to tune in to their parents, making it easier for parents to engage them in the developmental progression that allows adaptive, self-initiated dynamic thinking and communication to unfold.

Changes reported with RDI

  • Parents feel more hopeful and less fearful about what the future holds.
  • Children value time interacting with parents rather than other activities and objects.
  • Parents perceive their children as engaging more in planned, thoughtful actions and see a significant increase in their ability to generate productive creative ideas and responses.
  • Children are more aware and interested in how parents and other people feel and in what they do.
  • Children are significantly more motivated to accept guidance.
  • Children are able to form friendships and feel more at ease in classroom environments.

RDI Takes Advantage of Neuroplasticity

Scientists have determined that persons with ASD are united by specific, lifelong, highly debilitating, neurologically based, information-processing difficulties. Even if the person with ASD is highly intelligent and has no co-occurring problems and symptoms, the way their brain processes information hinders their attainment of the typical goals that we aspire to – the goals that we associate with quality of life. Careful neurological research is revealing a unique neural “underconnectivity” that appears to underlie these learning problems. The RDI program helps to develop cognitive flexibility and executive functioning.